I am constantly interested in learning more about biomedical science and related fields of research, and one of the most enjoyable ways to become more knowledgeable I’ve found is to read some books on the topics. I have an interest in mental health and pharmaceuticals in general, and so the majority of the books I’ve thoroughly loved are in those areas. However, as biomedical science is quite a broad field in itself, these book recommendations will be focused more on the ”essentials” that students should know of.

The Body: A Guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson I actually bought this book before I started my degree in biomedical science. I believe it was around January 2020 when I first read this book. Not only is this book incredibly insightful and educational, but it is also humorous at some points as well. The facts that are mentioned in the book keeps you engaged with the content. The author’s charismatic personality shines through this book with his choice of vocabulary and his ability to make anything seem interesting. The book outlines how exactly the body functions, how things can (and do) go wrong, and the body’s methods of healing itself. It is not an academic book, but it’s more of something I’d read in my own time when I am not studying.

The Brain: The Story of You by David Eagleman – Interested in knowing more about the brain? This is the book for you!! Neuroscientist David Eagleman touches on many aspects of the brain in this book such as brain development, interactions between the brain and the senses, and what consciousness is. Similar to the previous book mentioned, this is not an academic book at all. However, it truly was fascinating to read!! The author delves into complex topics in a very accessible way, and so even those unfamiliar to neuroscience will appreciate this book I believe. There are several illustrations throughout the book which makes it easy to grasp what is stated in the book.

A book on anatomy and physiology is a must – I’m not going to recommend any book in particular since I am sure you’ll find once you can access for free at your university’s library, but personally I’ve bought Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing Practice by Andrea Shepherd, Jennifer Boore, and Neal Cook. Why do I have a book for nursing students, you may ask?? Well, this is a book I heavily relied on when I did a year of nursing at university. Fantastic book, however, I do understand that many students do not want to spend money on textbooks. There is also an anatomy colouring book option if you would find that useful for revision.

If you have them, a level biology and chemistry books can be useful at times – While I personally do not own any a level books, one of my friends that does my course says that having an a level book has been helpful for her. If you are struggling with a concept whilst studying or you just need a refresher on the content, the a level biology and chemistry books can be useful in providing information in simpler terms.

Do you have any book recommendations for biomedical students? Feel free to let me know!!