Welcome to my blog!! I’m Kelly, and I’ve always wanted to have my own blog. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  1. I want something I can look back on later in life – This blog will be a way in which I can look back on what I’ve achieved whilst being a student at university. It’ll be a fantastic opportunity to be able to look back and improve upon my skills such as writing, vocabulary, and confidence. In the future, I’d love to read this blog to look back on some notable events I will have documented through this blog. It’s important to be able to reflect on your actions and past mistakes.
  2. To test myself – As stated in the previous points, I really want to improve upon some skills I feel that are essential. While I’d like to think that my written English is fairly good, this is definitely a chance for me to become more knowledgeable on the language. I am interested in also seeing how I will manage with being expected to regularly post on my blog. Will I have decent time management skills? No idea (yet)! I want to try something different whilst not being too outside my comfort zone, and so here I am, blogging. It requires some creativity, and so I’m looking forward for that challenge. Skills I’ve never really delved into before such as search engine optimisation and content management are ones I’m eventually hoping to grasp.
  3. To voice my opinions and share my passions – As an introvert, I’m barely ever vocal about my hobbies and passions. This blog is the opportunity for me to break out of my shell and gain some confidence. I’ve always been fond of writing, so why not show my passion for writing to other people!? While I want to be informative, I also want an outlet that will let my personality shine through, hence why I’ve decided on making a blog instead of anything that would require a formal type of writing.

Of course, there are more reasons than this as to why I’ve decided to start a blog. However, I would like to keep this post fairly short. I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences for the next few years on my site!