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I am fascinated with using fashion as a vehicle for artistic expression because it enables me to translate my interests in the aesthetics of drawing and painting which I believe are fundamental in the development of designing for printed textiles.  These sophisticated drawings and patterns are translated directly into signature engineered and repeat prints, and have evidently become core to all my creativity towards Print for Fashion.  

My research and work starts with the drawing process exploring my preoccupation with colour, decorative pattern, spatial composition and narrative.  Inspired by everyday life, experiences, cultural journeys, architecture, decorative fabrics collected on travels, and the work of the Impressionists, Nabis and Japanese woodblock printers…my work constantly crosses the boundaries between art, textiles and fashion and as a result can be labelled as ‘Wearable Art’.

In 2010 Kelly was awarded a Research Fellowship by AUCB.  Please click below to view more on the project.....
RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP 2010 - 2011RESEARCH%20Fellowship.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

What areas of research for textiles/fashion am I interested in? Fashion as a vehicle for artistic expression.
Crossing boundaries between art, textiles and fashion - how the traditional aesthetics of drawing play an important role in the development of printed textiles.
The preservation of traditional skills/techniques in the UK, Japan and India.
Sustainable textiles/fashion.